Greater transparency on supplier’s performance is essential for selecting the right supplier, as well as driving continuous improvement in the supply chain.


ASTRA social audits verify working, health-care,
social and environmental conditions at your factories.

Social and environmental aspects are assessed by interviews, document reviews and factory tours.Audits are conducted based on the customer’s code of conduct, the country laws and regulations, and relevant UN and ILO conventions.

ASTRA social audits cover all important areas:

Management Practice


Working Time


Child Labor

Forced Labor / Prison Labor

Disciplinary Measures

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Working Conditions

Health and Social Facilities

Occupational Health and Safety

Fire Safety




Customized Audit Program

The ASTRA audit team has acquired extensive audit experiences. Our experts can also help you to develop your tailor-made social audit scheme in accordance with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program and in compliance with national and international laws and regulations.

In addition, we can arrange unannounced visits/checks at a factory to validate the fulfillment of compliance requirements at any given time.


Conformity to fire safety standards continues to be a major issue throughout the manufacturing industry.

Fire prevention is not simply fulfilling the local fire safety regulations. It also includes an assessment of management systems, fire risk , worker awareness and engagement – all of which are checked during a fire safety audit. Our audit team will conduct onsite assessments to evaluate the current fire safety condition of your factory.


ASTRA adopts the concept of ISO 9000 and has developed a comprehensive quality audit checklist for textiles and hardgoods respectively.

Our audits provide insights into a factory’s quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. The criteria given on the right are assessed for all divisions concerned with production in a factory. We evaluate a number of criteria – please refer to the listing on the right. Our experienced ASTRA auditors will record all findings, both best practice and non-compliance (NC), in an electronic audit report that helps you understand in detail how your factory manages quality throughout the production process.

1. Organizational structure
2. Physical setup
3. Facilities and equipment
4. In-house quality control system
5. Handling of non-conforming materials/ products
6. Documentation control
7. Labor conditions

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