01 Inline Inspection

Quality is about how a product conforms to the design and specification

In-line inspection is conducted on-site in the production line, usually when the first few finished pieces come out of the line, in order to identify potential issues at an early stage. All applicable parameters of selected samples will be assessed including materials, dimensions, appearance, and regulatory requirements.

02 Final inspection

Before shipment the final product is carefully examined based on your specifications.

Final inspections are crucial in securing the compliance of the finished product with your expected quality level. ASTRA can provide final AQL inspections on-site in your factory. In addition, we have extensive knowledge and the latest expertise in the setup and management of inspection centers.

Final Random Inspection (FRI) or Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) are the on-site inspections that monitors the conformity of production to the specifications.

Based on the defined statistical method of acceptable quality level (AQL) and your requirements, we will select random samples from your order for a thorough inspection with the following criteria:

Product safety


03. The ASTRA QC inspectors

Highly qualified inspection staff

  • have solid product background and respective knowledge in quality requirements
  • have a minimum of five years’ experience in quality inspection
  • are continually trained in the latest skills, knowledge, and requirements
  • are continuously monitored by supervisors and regularly evaluated by senior management

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